Monday, 11 June 2012

Everyone loves fried chicken

Silence on this blog. You could think it's because we're at the gym all the time. I'll leave you thinking that.

I fuckin hate being a woman. There's a lot wrong with you physically, but especially mentally. An example of how twisted a woman's mind is: No matter how fit she is, she's always on a diet. You tell her she's fit, no need to diet,she'll slap you on the face telling you just called he fat! I know this cause I do it all the time! I can't help it, I blame it on this curse called womanhood.

Reason why it's a curse, is cause being on a diet is fuckin hard. There's a reason why it consists of the word 'die' ok. You're just dying to get some fried chicken. I myself spend every awake second thinking about fried chicken. Which is sinfully alot for a white person. I go to London College of Fashion, which is shortened LCF. I always mix this with KFC. Once we decided to meet at the LCF library for a group project. I went all epileptic: WHAT (foam coming from my mouth) THERE'S A LIBRARY OF FRIED CHICKEN??

The only way of staying away from fried chicken is to be hypercritical about chicken shop names. There's one on my street called 'Delta Express Chicken'. In crtical times like these, it's important to eat locally produced meat, so stay away from everything that sounds like it cme from a martian alien chicken's vagina. Next to that there's one called 'Lion's chicken'. Now, what kind of sick cross breeded animal is that?? Then there's McDonald's with its 100% boneless chicken. I don't know what they stuff their 'chicken' burgers with, but boneless chickens.........Doesn't exist.

Why does black people love fried chicken? CAUSE EVERYONE LOVES FRIED CHICKEN.

Get skinny x

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