Tuesday, 29 May 2012


= Fats Fighting Summer.

Thanks for the weather Jesus. Like fat people didn't sweat enough already.

On top of that, my entire wardrobe is black. Even black shorts are too hot for this weather, so imagine having fat legs and not being able to go outside bare legged. Black tights it is! My room is so fuckin hot that my eyeliners have dried out. What to do when you are fat, and not being able to fix the only thing you have, your face? Stay inside. Happy fuckin Summer skinny bitches. I'll keep cruising on my online dating sites! EDIT: Lesbian just asked if I'd join a threesome. I said No thanks. Then she said: There was one condition anyway: For you to lose some.

Can't go to the gym cause this heat has given me blisters in my knee joints. 'Shame'

Get skinny x

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