Thursday, 24 October 2013

gym fart

Everyone knows the dancefloor fart. Packed club, shoulder rubbing with strangers, broken beer glasses. And the fart. As obvious to the night club experience as the vomiting just outside the club and two large big mac meals afterwards.

With this prologue, let me introduce the gym fart. Gym fart is a part of the group exercise class just like the dancefloor fart is a part of the night club. Except that: it's worse. A lot worse. What makes it worse, is that the gym floor isn't as packed. There's less people. And they're completely sober. This makes it easy to locate the fart.

For every gym farter out there (Some bodies were just made to be fat, and healthy food doesn't do good for your stomach) try Rose Jam shower gele from LUSH cosmetics. Makes your sweat smell like roses. Motivates you to sweat really hard, so that in case you fart, no one will notice.

Gym fart is not to be confused with the yoga fart. Yoga fart is a long, loud, pure fart produced by an old women trying to reach full relaxation.

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