Monday, 11 November 2013

fat brain

Once in kindergarden, I remember having some peach cream dessert. It was orange, smelled like peach and tasted like peach. In my late teens I discovered the same consistence, the same smell and a Lidl shampoo. In the shower, my curiosity took over. Yes, I had a taste. I came to realize that my childhood wasn't a hoax, no, we were not served shampoo at six years old. Since that,the beutifully smelling chocolate oat shower gels my gym provides hasn't been much of a problem. That changed thou, after a visit to Italy.

The amount of icecream flavours that country has to offer! In fact, there is so many flavours that they've ran out of flavours! So they expanded! To smells! Yes, crazy but true. I was to Italy. Had 'Rose' icecream. I could not possibly tell if it's rose flavoured,cause I've never eaten a rose, I thought. But when I had a spoonful, I could tell it was rose, cause bizarrely it a smell? This is my craziest food related moment, it completely shook my senses. It made my brain fat.

Now when my friend introduced his new perfume, smelling of leather, I thought it smelled caramel. Whenever I'm at the gym I'm like 'why does it smell like popcorn in here?' Til I'm like... 'Oh, it's sweat'. My brain used to just not trust men, now it doesn't trust the eyes or the ears either! Women could do with just one hole. The mouth.

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