Sunday, 8 December 2013


I'm working on Christmas eve. I'm trying so hard to be on a diet, then destiny things like this happens to make my diet easier.

well fuck you destiny!

I'm on a cruise. cruises are the best! My grandma used to say the happiest day in her life was at the buffet on a ferry to sweden. she is dead now, and all my life I pitied her, thinking she was a poor lady for nominating that particular day as the highlight of her life. but oh boy, when I entered the door to a cruise buffet for the first time in my life! those buffets.......are not just any buffets..... They are buffets WITHIN buffets: dessert buffet, cheese buffet, meat buffet etc. all you can eat principle includes also the alcohol: wine and beer is served draft in soda machines.

and this is not all....the helsinki-stockholm ferry ride takes o long you'll have the chance to experience TWO buffets: dinner AND breakfast. am I in heaven?

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