Saturday, 21 July 2012

Get skinny (maybe next summer)

If i say the words, 'Flicks great return' to Sandra one more time i think i am going to shoot myself.
Thats right, i hate to admit it but ive quit the gym! Ive decided to take matters into my own hands and buy some weights and a rowing machine. However I had this attitude about the gym, this doesn't ensure im going to use them. 
So no worries, im still fat and very much single so im not going anywhere. 

In my quest of discovery over the last couple months i think i've finally got to grips with what it means to me be skinny. Not much. But as long as you have good hips and a arse to go with it your set. Obviously you cant be hanging out of your jeans but keep that thigh fat girl its sexy.
See Sandra cant sympo-thighs with the fatties, i can.

I was on the bus and my work trousers split at the seam. This was when i realised the power of hips and Robyns great words echo'd in my head,
"Right now you probably thinking how she get in them jeans, 
Well I'm gifted all natural and burstin' the seams"
Honestly its those two lines that get me through life.
I was actually a man empowered. 

So for now all i have to say, and my god i never thought id say this, but love your body girl. You only got one. And we have a treat for you on Sunday so save the salmiakki for another date. 

Whatever, i dont care if i cant see my cheekbones, im gonna make my own.

Does anybody have any tape?

Get Skinny xxx  (i will sort the format out tomorrow) luvv yewww

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