Saturday, 14 July 2012

to @AddaLang

We got a question from a reader on twitter, asking if the reason to the silence on this blog is the fact that we've become skinny. Ha. Ha ha ha. Allow me to laugh (apparently it burns calories) Ha ha ha haaaaaa.

Here's a photo of me finishing a 2 litre tub of icecream by myself. We ladies turn to icecream and blame it on heartache, but nah, that's a general lie. Women don't actually have a reason to eat icecream for breakfast, we just like to blame men for everything, trying to make us feel better for bein born the more useless gender. Like when we claim to be feminists when we're just too bloody lazy to shave!!

Then I went to Indian all you can eat buffet. Atleast I walked there, they also do free home delivery!! This I blamed on heartache again, caused by an Italian guy I slept with but who never called me back. How does Italy ad curry even go together? Woman's logic.....Women don't even get it themselves.

Ah, that awkward moment when the waitress had to refill the tubs of curry..

What about Flick? He cancelled his gym membership. (Your time to laugh)

The Olympics are coming. We are clearly not ready. Thou we are supportive and excited: The main sponsor is McDonalds!!

Get skinny (maybe nex summer) xxxxxxx

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