Sunday, 1 July 2012


I've already mentioned how I was lost in the chaging rooms on my first day at gym (lost, naked and immgrant, you cannot get much more vulnerable!) mistaking cubicles for toilets when they infact, were showers, exactly what I was looking for!

Pros and cons of shower cubicles:

+Shaving. You shower in big space with 12 other women (gym showers in finland). You english consider this vulgar, but imagine them 12 doing the crab stand and shaving their labias. That's even too much for my people, which is why we have signs prohibitng public shaving. Thou I personally think you shouldnt hate those who shave, but them who don't.

Story related to this: I was shaving in the gym shower using some seriously faulty razor. One move and a 5cm chunk, not strip, CHUNK! was on the floor. Blood eeeverywhere. Thank GOD I start shaving down my legs and not down THERE,otherwise I'd be missing my clitoris. The look of fellow gym members when I leave the shower towel not wrapped around me, but around my right foot.


-Showering in a cubicle in Finland would wake suspicions. Does she have something to hide?Rumours of you being a tranny will reach your workplace befor you leave the gym, your parents will call you within an hour and it will be in tabloids next day.Yes, Finland really is that small.

-Showering in that cubicle you watch you thighs wobble and notice your boobs aren't identical and you hate your body. The only reason why Finns are so confident nude, is because we know everyone has celluite. Since birth have we showered naked with strangers and dnot once ha we seen amazing body. Pretty much everyone looks bad naked.


-You cannot see the floor as the person using it before you wore a two pound weave.

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