Monday, 2 September 2013


Hi, my name's Flick, nice to meet you, again. 
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I have lost weight since I had the delight of posting on this blog. Ironically, both Sandra and I have lost more weight NOT posting on this damn blog that when we did. Which was one of the reasons we started it, 'If we have a blog about health and fitness we would HAVE to lose weight!' We thought it was a fool proof plan, obviously we were wrong. 

But never mind that, here we are now mentally stable enough to hold down a blog and a diet. So what's my excuse (apart from being mentally unstable when previously posting)? Well, I've finished university and am now considered a working adult, would you fucking believe it... And the reason the scales don't hate me anymore is because studying Fashion Design is an absolute bitch. I'm serious, the amount of times I've had to run around the streets of London dodging idiots and riding boris bikes to shops before they close to find the best leather. In hindsight it wasn't so bad considering I lost a few pounds and actually got my work done. 

One thing has changed this year, Sandra and I no longer live ten feet away from one and other. Im still in London and Sandra is back in the Land of Finn, causing mayhem and promoting her love for Beyonce i'm sure, that being said, I miss her. But I have more pals who keep me on the right side of insane. 

Anyway, that's enough of my excuses. 
I'll eat 5 Big Macs or some shit tomorrow and write about it. 

Get Skinny x

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