Thursday, 12 September 2013


Golden Rax Pizza buffet, is the finest all-you-can-eat place in Finland. And why does it deserve the front word 'Golden'? Cause it doesn't only serve pizza! There's chicken wings that taste like they've been touched by a thousand strangers, whole eggs and soup! Also, cheapest Corona in town. Served wihout a lime, in true Rax feel.

I have beautiful Rax memories. I've celebrated birthdays here and even my graduation party. Every independence day I'm here, thanking war veterans cause without them we'd not have a country, and therefore no Rax! I once ate so much my bikini top bursted. Once there was a dove in the restaurant.

When I started working at McDonald's, my boss said I was a natural at making sundaes. Not really. I'd had my practice. At Rax. Yes, they also have a self service ice cream machine, in other words, unlimited amount of ice cream too! Today was the day of 'fuksiaiset' here in Finland. That's a ceremony held for first year university students. It's super fun and a once in a lifetime experience. I missed it. When asked a reason by one of my classmates,I looked her deeply in the eye andreplied with a monotone voice: 'My soul is too old for that'. When in fact my reason was Rax. They opened a new theme week: Kid's week ('my soul is too old.....'HHAHAHAHAH). They serve marhmallows on pizza and star shaped chicken nuggets! Yes, it might keep on for three weeks, but I had to be there for the opening day. Today I ate so much I think I broke my eating record. Never before have I been so full that tears rolled down my cheek without me noticing it.

After the visit I went to the book store to buy a diet book. That alone made me feel like I lost a stone.

Be skinny. Tomorrow x

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