Friday, 2 March 2012

Phobia (1)

Today had be thinking about phobias. We all have them, there is no need to deny them.
I was thinking about them because a friend of mine was freaking out when i took off one of my shoes, I was like, 'what the hells up?' I had a hole in my sock. Who knew that was a thing?? So i thought i must have one of these odd phobias. I thought for hours and nothing. Then it hit me, i couldn't think of it because it was all around me.


Being surrounded by it all the time naturally you build an immunity to its being. Its why being fat is so dangerous. You dont notice its their unless your bitchy friends tell you it is. However your best friends will tell you 'you've filled out, it suits you.' So, sounds like you had friends when you were skinny, now your fat you may find they've shrunk out, unlike your waist. And we all know how Me and Sandra are only friends with each other. I dont even have the energy to post the 'Forever Alone' picture.

Get Skinny xx

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  1. You know, you'd be skinny if you didn't drink so much and often. You whine but you don't do anything, what's the point... Get a grip