Friday, 30 March 2012

Why i love gay spinning teachers.

My greatly anticipated return to the gym happend this week and what better why to be introduced back than to have a gay spinning teacher. For once i am not going to bitch about my gay amigos, but praise.
The teacher was a stocky guy with a shaved head (balding actually) who was pretty fucking brutal when it came to teaching spinning. At one point he was bending down at my pedels calling and shouting, "GO HARDER!" almost as embarrassing as when my manager told me i would never be able to fo BFI. Lets see what Kelly Rowland has to say about that.
Well anyway, when i first saw him i didn't think he was gay, but then his choice of music came on. ONLY for me to hear a mixture of Madonna, Lady Gaga and Queen. STILL unsure of his sexuality as of the shaved head and powerful teaching method, i was sold when he started singing along to 'Vogue'. Mystery solved.
I think he was one of those, 'Im gay but im still a manlier man than you'll ever be' gays.
It literally was like Gay Pride hit the gym. Thank god i didn't have Grindr i think my phone would have exploded, and its new, i dont want that.
Only i would get a phone that you only have to talk into for it to do things. Cant even be bothered to press the keys.
Im going to try and keep up my gym classes, especially spinning, i think its my favorite class cos its the only thing i can do better than Sandra.
OH yeh, Im also running 5k on Sunday in fancy dress. wtf am i doing??

Get Skinny xx

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