Thursday, 1 March 2012

oh fuck

Oh well. My life is pretty shit atm.

a) Bought this magazine called Women's health. It said stuff like 'you can have your odd Mars bar -just have it with an apple' and that binge eating won't make too much harm. Ok. I've lived by these rules for the last two weeks (forget the apple, that surely is a 30 extra calories??)and my jeans aren't happy.

b) Bought a Beyonce t shirt. Texted Flick like 'I would have bought you one but they're all ladies slim fit'. Come home. LADIES SLIM FIT HONESTLY SANDRA?? Sincerely thinkin I would fit in this, AND THAT IT WOULD BE LOOSE, I cut the arm holes wider and neck aswell ('this will look so good with cropped jeans shorts and tanned skin on summer!!'). Try it on. It's like a bra.

c) Goin Vagina casting on saturday. Just realizd how pathetic that is. I'm so desperate I'm payin to go Brighton for someone to spare my legs and touch my vagina.

There's a light side thou(thank god). Last week when I went out with alex (post below)(ok no need for specifyin 'with alex' I think you know by now that he's my only friend) he told me the next day that I fell face down on the ground. MY FACE!!! Thank GOD it's still on its place! What sucks more than bein fat, is bein fat AND havin an ugly face. I mean, if it wasn't for Adele's face, she would just be a Susan Boyle, right?

Get skinny xx


  1. "if it wasn't for Adele's face, she would just be a Susan Boyle, right?" :D:D:D

    P.S. Löysin tänään ton sun Cityn blogin ja oon nyt valehtelematta tässä lukenu sun juttuja vaatimattomat 4 tuntia. Awesome, anonyymi kiittää ja kuittaa.

  2. Mikä pillu casting??? We need more details (but no pictures, please) !!!!

    1. 'no pictures' TOO LATE :DDDDDDD