Monday, 23 April 2012

about that food voucher...

My new bedding
Whilst watching the trailers for Titanic, which was emotional enough because I had to eat fruit instad of popcorn. A movie featuring Zac Efron came up, since when did he become so buff?? I think this is why my diet is going so wrong! My diet inspiration is wrong, its Zac Efron i've been longing for! Well that, and the fact that it always rains in this country, im constantly missing gym classes because of cancelled trains. WHY ENGLISH PEOPLE CANT HANDLE THE WEATHER ILL NEVER KNOW. I think we just have laziness in our genes.

How did he go from this...

... to THIS??

Regardless of his new body, the only problem with Zac is that he is only 170cm. One thing as unattractive as fat is shortness! AINT NO AMOUNT OF WEIGHTS GONNA MAKE YOU GROW. Either way, he is my new weight loss inspiration. All hail Efron.

Get Skinny xx becasuesandrahasawaistandidont

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