Friday, 20 April 2012

Plenty of fish in Titanic

Titanic. What can I say? If crying burns calories, then that movie experience can be compared to a spinning class. I was in the cinema, literally hyperventilating, trying to calm myself: 'Sandra, do remember that this is a fitive movie, a fat girl would never get a guy in real life'

That's why it's such a great love story: Fat girl gets guy for a day. Guy dies. (Yes she is fat I think? She's wearing a corset and STILL doesn't have a waist).

In the que for the tickets Flick said to me: 'I don't know if I'm emotionally ready for this'. Not to see the movie. To buy the tickets WITHOUT buying popcorn aswell. The receipt of our 3D glasses accidentally said 'Food voucher'. God! Why do you hate fat people so much?

This movie determined us to be single forever. As now, our dating site guy standards are sky high: 'YOU BETTER NOT MESSAGE ME IF YOU'RE NOT WILLING TO DIE FOR ME MR-2-HOT-2-HANDLE88'

Get skinny xx loveujackxxxxxxxxx

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