Monday, 16 April 2012

If Beyonce calls you fat...

Being a fashion student (believe it or not) clothes are supposed to be my only friend. Recently this cannot be further from the truth. 

Incident 1:
I had to go to a hotel in the country side with my sister, being bored as fuck i decided to go into the local town (idk why i did it, it was a half an hour walk. Goes against every one of my morals.)
I get to topman, what do i see? BEYONCE TSHIRT. I didn't think it was possible for such a beautiful t-shirt to exist.
Ofcourse, fatties don't deserve nice things, and the biggest size didn't fit. 

Incident 2:
It was my friends 20th birthday and we were going to a club, I wore the trainers below. 
Once we got there the bouncer said, 
"Sorry, you wont get in with them, they're to sporty."
 My reply?
"Sporty??? Have you not seen my mid-rift???"
I had to change my shoes regardless.
Then once i got in and the security guard was patting me down, he found i was wearing spanx. I had to explain to a butch bald man as the what and why i was wearing spanx. 
Most embarrassing/awkward conversation I've ever had.

I think from now on I'm just going to stay inside my house.
Don't want to see people again.

Get Skinny xx becauselifeishardforfatboys

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