Monday, 23 April 2012

My body's too bootylicious

When I started my diet, my goal was to get a body like Beyonce. I'd say I'm pretty close now. Not because I've lost that much weight. But because Beyonce has gained some.

Ok she had a baby I know! But that was in 4 months ago. Just saying...

Cause we know what happens when celebrities(Ok Beyonce is basically God,but just saying) get fat. They lose their celebrity status. Christina Aguilera, does anyone remember her? She got married. Then got fat. This is the anwer to a question me and Flick have been thinking about for a looong time: How does fat girls get married?

Answer: They don't. They are slim and pretty, until the very moment they get a ring around their finger. Then they feel like eating wedding cake for the rest of their lives and you're stuck with her, as the ring is stuck on her chubby finger. Forever. Muahahahahahahaha (love being a girl,it's like you have a license to shit inside mens hearts. That's why I think Beyonce has no intention to put on those gym shorts just yet...)

Get skinny xxonlytogetfatagain

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