Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Fat challenge

The next biggest challenge of being fat are by no doubt the holidays. Why can't there be a holiday that forces you to eat fruits?

The biggest challenge however, is McDonald's Monopoly-week. Every year, after easter, this campaign runs for 7 weeks. You get a sticker with every McD purchase and the chances of winning a Big Mac are pretty high. Don't give this to people who are on a diet! I just want to eat my 162 kcal grilled chicken salad! Cause though you're losing weight, you're brain is still a fat person's. It's still hard to resist food, almost impossible when the food is for free!

Last year this time, I worked at McDonald's. Yep. A fat person knows how to get her fast food, for free. And even more of it, as I used to steal those stickers. Those were the days....When I gained the weight I'm still trying to get rid of today.

A fat person's first thought of spurs: 'Can you cut pizza with these?'

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