Wednesday, 29 February 2012

A week of events told by me

You would think given my absence this last week i would have lots to tell you. The sad but true reality is, i don't. I'm still single as fuck and my work out routine is in decline.
So, as you all know it was London Fashion Week last week and accordingly i didn't have time to go to the gym, it ended last week and my infamous return to the gym still hasn't happened, i'm starting to realize i cant blame to fact it was Fashion Week any longer for not going to the gym.
This time last week, Wednesday night, me and Sandra went out in London, and i'm gonna tell the short version of this story. A disgusting looking guy came up to her and starting flirting (she still hardly knows any of this btw) he tried to kiss her etc, Sandra was resistant. After about five minutes of his failed attempts I ended up getting in a fight with him. Started by me. I kept telling myself to only reason i got into a fight was to protect Sandras honor, but really i think it was because she was getting attention and i wasn't?

On the subject of attention, I joined Plenty Of Fish. A dating site. Still haven't got any messages even thought i joined a week ago and have a bad-ass profile pic and description. Anyway, the point of me telling you this is as follows; I sent a guy a message on it because i saw he lived in the area i grew up in, "Hey, I find it so funny when i see people on here who are from where i grew up, so cute." Of course i got no reply. Now a week later i get on a bus in 'from where i grew up', am on it for about five minutes and then look to my left and see, none other than the guy who ignored me on POF, honestly the feeling of wanting to die was unreal. Lucky i have different hair to the style i have in my pictures on the site so maybe he didn't recognize me?

Lesson Learnt: If you fat, your fat. Not even a dating site will get you a boyfriend.

Sandra hasn't seen this either... Thats him.

Get Skinny xxx

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  1. doin a nice 'all the single ladies' dance there I see. As that is and will forever be the story of my life *sigh*