Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Skinny bitches

I was a cover girl recently!! 5inchandup might be skinnier than me and feature in the same magazine issue, but it was me who made the cover! When our blog gets bigger than hers (theres no space for two Finnish Sandra's in ANY CITY. Especially if one of them wears size 14 jeans) we're changing our blog name to 5inchwaist.blogspot.com.


Because it's Valentine's we're gona share our top 3 skinny bitches to hate (5inchandup doesnt quite make it,her hair is too nice)

3. Nicole Sherwzinger. She doesn't even deserve her name correctly spelled. On US X Factor she had to make a choice between this amazing, amazing 14 year old Rachel Crow and some mediocre dude. She couldn't do it. You know why? BECAUSE RACHEL IS FAT. It went to deadlock and Rachel was sent home and Nicole became the most hated woman in America. You should youtube this.

2. Tulisa Cunt-antavlos. Tulisa called Misha B a bully on UK X Factor. We all know it was because Misha was fat, and not a bully. Let's think about it, how can a fat kid even be bully? They are the ones bullied!

1. Kesha. Me and Flick went out clubbing and Tik Tok started playing. We both ripped our jeans in the crotch area. God called us fat thru Kesha. Kesha better not ever become a judge on X Factor.

Get skinny xx tonotbealoneonvalentines2015

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