Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Leyton logistics

I need to let you guys into a little bet me and Sandra had on, as im not sure we told you on the blog, only on our Twitter... 2 weeks ago i bet Sandra that i would be able to go to the gym 5 times a week the next week, and if i didn't, the consequence would be that i had to wear net shorts to a club. Leyton was one of the gyms i said i attended that week.
On with the story. A few days ago i was set on going to the gym after work, i had a spinning class on at Leyton Fitness First, TFL said it would only take 20 mins to get there from Hackney. The class started at 7.45 and i left work at 7. Well i'll be blunt. i missed the class cos fucking TFL lied!!! Why cant London be a nice, pint sized city like Helsinki??
So once i was at the gym i was confronted by a large black man behind the desk, 'you've missed the class sir.' dare be it i question his deep tone and try to attend the class anyway. I went to the changing room to use the toilet and was then going to leave as i did NOT plan to use the machines alone. i walk into the rest room to see the FATTEST MAN ever shaving his face, belly nd all clearly on display, at least if this was a gym i was ever attending again i wouldn't have to worry about taking off my shirt. Not to mention the fact he was wearing a wedding ring, WTF??
Anyway, this gym was so gross, grotty, full of chavs, and just genrally somewhere i never want to go again.
I left the gym and instantly called Sandra, i told her about how shit this gym was and how i missed my class and how it was my first and last time going to it! But that i thought she would like it cos it was full of black men.
The only thing she said to me,


"I thought you went to that gym before, you tellin' me you didn't go to the gym 5 times 2 weeks ago?"


Two words: Net. Shorts.
So, im fucked. Sandra found out that i lied and didn't go to the gym 5 times. The worst part about this? I TOLD HER!
Dammit. Looks like i have to wear net shorts out the a club. this will be the worst moment of my life?
Im starting to realise that the only way i will be able to go the gym on days i work will be by going really early in the morning! Kinda sucks. But in the words of my friend Rosie: 'The only excuse for not going to the gym is if your have aids.'
So i guess i dont have a excuse. fuck.

Get Skinny. xx

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