Friday, 3 February 2012

Dieting aint easy!!!

Continued from last post:

1. Can shampoo make you fat?

Chemicals (for example phthalaes) found in shampoo can mix your body's hormonal balance and therefore make you gain weght. In a long-term study, it came out that the heaviest girls have the highest amount of phthalates in their urine.

2. Can heating make you fat?

Experts say many of us now keep our homes so cosy that we no longer have to burn as many calories to naturally warm up our bodies. If the body is already warm it does not need to convert a ‘brown’ fat known as adipose ­tissue into energy to generate heat, the London University study said.

3. Can giving head make you fat?

The average ejaculate, laden with between 200 and 300 million sperm, amounts to about about 5 calories.

These are derived from protein, including enzymes, and sugars (mainly fructose) secreted into semen by the prostate gland to provide the sperm with the energy to swim.

Other 'ingredients' present in semen include :

Vitamin C
Citric acid
Phosphate and bicarbonates, to regulate acidity

For comparison, a greasy cheeseburger contains over 500 calories, so to equal one junk-food attack you'd need to gulp down over 100 ejaculates.

Well. Cheers to that?

Getskinnybygivinghead xx

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