Thursday, 9 February 2012


Flick. has. lost. weight. Nintendo wii would still call him overweight thou, but nintendo wii can fuckin try to do some get fit with mel b herself. AND to not get squashed by Muma Rouge!

Flick said it feels good doing zumba without his boobs slapping his face. Having my boobs slapping my face while doing zumba is something I've dreamt of my entire life. Flick haven't finished making fun of my lousy woman parts(only way he can make himself feel good as a man for having bigger ones) yet:

Flick: If you didn't have feet, would you still wear socks?
Me: Yes.
Flick: Argh you were meant to say 'No'
Me: Why?
Flick: So that I could've said 'Then why do you wear a bra?'

ALSO. Beyonce called aaages ago, as she wanted to be a part of the blog after giving birth... We said no. SO SHE DID ALL BY HERSELF. BETTER THAN WE'LL EVER BE CAPABLE OF. Where the FUCK IS THE Get fit with Beyonce class???

Get skinny xxbutonlyaftergivingbirthtoilluminatixx

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