Friday, 24 February 2012

A Fashionable Fail

Now that London Fashion Week is over, i can officially get back into my normal routine. In that sense i mean i havent been to the gym once this week. I havent felt this fat in a long time.
But since im free and i can think straight once again i am going to tell you another one of my childhood stories, it kind of adds on from the last one so you may want to refresh your memories of it first.

When i was a kid, lunch time was the best time. Knowing that i had a hour a day whilst at school totally committed to food was amazing.
My mum is known for making shit lunches but sometimes on the odd occasion she would pack Pringles and chocolates and all manor of amazing foods. Last time this happened to me i gave it all away out of confusion. This time, I was not making this same mistake. So, there i was in my seat with a tower of food to get through. The excitement was immense. Thus I begun making my way through my lunch box.
As i was coming to the end of my feast, the last few crisps, something happened. My chair broke beneath me and I fell to the floor like a beached whale. It was not my finest hour. This is what God does to fat kids. Be warned.

Get Skinny xx

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