Thursday, 16 February 2012

Boxin' (not the exercise)

All this talk of Valentines Day is actually depressing me, to the point im feeling to go to the doctor for medication. Especially the fact my hair is now ginger ISNT helping. So, im going to dwell on some childhood memories to get my mind off all the chit chat of love.

Being a kid is hard. Being a fat kid is harder. When I was at school, naturally my favorite period was lunch time. Regardless of the fact my mum would always make shit sandwiches accompanied by a piece of fruit and the cheapest brand crisps. One day lunch time rolled around, as i did into the lunch room hall.

I opened my lunch box and was amazed and overwhelmed to see a box of Pringles, sweets and no fruit in sight. Then i thought, this must be a mistake! It was no special occasion why would my mother put such luxury food into my box?? I then i thought that i must have have picked up someone else's lunch box by mistake! Struck with guilt i started giving all the tasty foods to my friends (you will find this is the best way  to make friends in primary school...) It was ok because it wasn't my food to begin with...

That night when i returned home I confronted my mother, asked her if she put that stuff in my lunch box. She said she did. She did put that food in my lunch box. That was one of the worst days of my childhood.

Oh right, yeh I forgot, that wasn't a happy memory. *Sigh*, still indefinitely single.

Theres another treat of a photo for you from Valentines Days, my aloneness all got too much i thought the only thing that would fix it would be to lie on a bus stop floor. It didn't work. 

Get Skinny xx

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