Saturday, 25 February 2012

A Day Of Romance

When i say today has been a day of romance. I literally mean it was worst than valentines day. The worst part is is that it was always against me.

A new guy started at work today, we all got introduced to him and then at the end, "Oh yeh, its Rachels boyfriend." soooooo great i now have to see public displays of effection around where i work. But that wasn't the worst of it. I had to share a break with him and Rachel. Yeh, that was a whole 30 minutes of watching them share their sandwiches and kiss while i sit on the outskirt.
So then later on in the day, im talking with my friend and I started going on about being alone. She then tells me, oh yeh, by brother is gay too. I was like. oooooohkay? She then discribes him; rich, blonde, muscular. I was their like, WHAT? Why havent I met him? Then her next sentence, "Oh, and his boyfriends name is Alex." I actually almost cried. (fyi my first name is Alex).  Literally EVERYONE has a bf but me. #KillMeNow.
Why is God always reminding me of how single i am!?

When i got home i text Sandra, 'Fuck gym, I hate life, I gonna go eat chips. Its the dieting persons equivalent of hanging themselves.'
Well anyway, Im going to Hampton Court tomorrow, theres nooses there right? Also, i've convinced myself i fancy gingers, my way of trying to find someone in my league.

Get Skinny xx weblamegodcoswedontwanttoblameourselves

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