Thursday, 16 February 2012

Fuck Valentine's

Valentine's day. One of those days that you only need to wake up,and the entire day is ruined. That is, if you're normal weight. If you're fat, single and as Flick, bleached his hair and now ginger, your entire week is ruined. Then it goes back to your normal everyday, which sucks pretty bad too. In Finland Valentine's is re-named to 'Friendship day', as the suicide rates are high enough already.

We decided to go to this trashy lingerie themed night. I like to not wear trousers, mainly because trousers never fit me. The night sucked. We thought this was the place we could espace happy couples. So wrong we were!

This is before....Before we decided to get McDonald's. Fat people need some love too and the only love we receive is the one from chicken nuggets.

(you know you're fat when your hair is the same color as chicken nuggets)

After the nuggets. In fact: 20 nuggets, some onion rings, a large banana milkshake, a double cheese burger, a mc chicken sandwich(Flick is checkin his waist line) and a mcflurry later.

In the morning we felt pretty shit. Flick's rings didn't fit his finger's anymore. In fact, when we compared our club stamps from last night, his was a lot bigger. It was like his hand had become fatter overnight.

Then we went to have some Indian all-you-can-eat cause we hate ourselves. Flick was gona tweet 'Havin Indian curry. Whoops' but then dropped hs phone in the curry. Whoops.

You know you're fat when a 'One size fits most' tiger costume is tight. You know you're fat, when you dress up as a McDonald's worker for Halloween.

Get skinny....:(((((((((

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