Thursday, 2 February 2012

My locker room love story

The best thing happened at the gym today, maybe i am not going to be alone forever.
I had finished Zumba and went to the changing room to shower and get dressed. Once i got out the shower there was a guy getting dressed near my locker, he was really cute, dark wavy hair, athletic body, sexy tattoo.
Of course being naked (yes, i got over my not getting naked at the gym thing) i was super shy and had to move a few steps away from him to get dressed. I had just got dressed and was trying to spray deodorant under my arms. The can was almost empty so was making that exhausted sound. The guy (lets call him TDH) then looked over at me and opened his mouth, "Would you like to use some of my deodorant." he said in a deep tone. I slightly chuckled and and accepted the offer. admittedly i fancied him.
 It had a smell of peppermint and camomile, very romantic. As i passed the can back our hands touched. We both looked at each other and apologised with a smile. At this point i was beging to wonder if he was being slightly flirtatious?
Well, I was ready to leave and nodded goodbye to TDH, he smiled.
I went upstairs to reception to ask if Sandra had left the gym without me, she had. Then, i see him again, TDH was coming up the stairs ready to leave, he sees me and asks if my friend left me, "yeh." i replied in a sad tone. He then asked me, "Do you wanna walk to the station together?" THIS IS AMAZING! Of course i accepted his offer. I was now fucking happy Sandra left me. We talked all the way to the train station, he is so amazing! finally, a man isn't repelled by me. Well, I have a date on next week, im so excited. Looks like i wont be alone for Valentines Day!


Just so you know, all of the above happened in my head. He was just a man i saw at the gym. I was alone in the changing rooms. I will be alone next week, and I will be alone on Valentines Day.
Just me, my cat, and vodka shots.

Get Skinny xx cos its the only way your not gonna be alone forever.

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