Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Nike Town

So i want to write you a post about my visit to Nike Town; however, a small 'weight' related comment came up in the bank today that I need to get off my breasts, oh. I mean chest.

I was in the bank yesterday, had to sort out a money transfer. Because it was a lot of money i had to sit down with a worker so he could make sure it wall all legit. He says to me:
"Can i see you id please?"
I hand him my driving licence. He stares at it for about five minutes whilst looking up to check it was me.
"You look different in this picture." he said.
Me: "Oh, How so?"
"Well, you look skinny."
My mouth literally hit the floor. Which i presume answered his comment.
 So fat people dont have a past?? I WAS SKINNY ONCE YANO.
I had to show him another form of id before he was satisfied it was me. Never been so offended before in my life.

But LEAVING THAT BEHIND ME (and that fucking bank) on to Nike Town.
Me and Sandra had just done Mel B class at the gym, we decided we wanted to go shopping and get some new sports gear. We headed to Oxford Street and went into NIKE TOWN ohhh yeh. It was funny.
We looked like two penguins walking around the Zimbabwe, out of place. It was clear to everyone around us that we had no idea what we were doing.
The only reason i wanted to go its because in my magazine i saw that if u get these leggings it helps you loose weight on your legs quicker. They cost me 40 quid. Kinda sucks that weight loss has such a price.
If you're poor AND fat then i feel really sorry for you. But i wont lie, they are amazing (regardless of the fact that one of the seams burst the other day... whoopsie.) im just too bootylishus for my own good.

Lesson learnt: Why bother posing for a photo when the viewer is gonna call u fat anyway.

Get Skinny xx


  1. it's me sandra. jut checkin if this comment thing works as it seems we have no readers and that cannot be the case, eh??

  2. It works. Oh fuck.

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  4. hey guys dont worry i swear i read everything, i mean yes EVERYTHING y'all wrote on here so just keep updating.

    ps: im fat too and hating life. aha!