Sunday, 26 February 2012

There is a God?

Diet doesn't include the word 'die' for no reason. Vegetables have made me so fuckin depressed I'm thinkin 'what's the point??' The heavier you are, the more quicker and painfree it is to hang yourself anyway.

This week has been so bad. I've been trying to book gym sessions, but classes keep gettin full in no time. Then when I try to go to a class you don't need to book in advance, TFL fuck me up (twats for life????) and I get there when the class finishes. Today(MORNING CLASS, EVERYONE KNOWS HOW MUCH FAT PEOPLE LIKE TO SLEEP) I got to gym in time. And the class is cancelled!

I go to Mcdonald's. Staying strong thou mad at the world. Get a chicken salad. Start eating it. Enjoying it, but when I finishe I was like wait a minute....THERE WAS NO CHICKEN IN MY SALAD. (You know you're fat when stuff like this happen. Me and Flick used to live together, when we had dinner we couldn't tell if it was ham or chicken we ate. Food starts to taste the same.)

Seriously Jesus??Is this what get for paying tax to the church??? Are you having a laugh???

Then I get home. Watch Only way is Essex and they discuss this:

Camelflage underwear to prevent you from getting a cameltoe for only 19.99. There is a God after all.

Get skinny xbygointothegymwithoutacameltoex


  1. HUI SAATANA, oot ihan samanlainen ku minä. Is this the real life? Or is this just fanta sea?