Sunday, 5 February 2012

Muma Rouge

Gyms classes are know to be difficult. Especially when the instructor is a fan of 'The Biggest Loser', the TV show.

Me and Sandra regularly attend the Get Fit With Mel B class at our gym, its kinda amazing, constantly doing squats, jumps, skips and bends. I am actually the runt of the class. Its so fuckin hard! The instructor always tell the guys to do more while im there going at the girls level, and still struggling. One thing you'll learn doing a gym class is that girls have amazing coordination.
WELL, this week, we had a new member, Muma Rouge. No word of a lie she is Big Momma in real life.  As glamourus as the name may be, she was anything but. She couldn't do none of the moves, aint no jumps (apart from the one she did that almost crushed sandra.) and most certainly no weights. It was refreshing to see that i wasnt the slow one of the class again. Of course being so overweight you cant do a gym class properly (ironically, the fat stay fat and the skinny get skinnier).

As the class progressed, she didnt. The instructor started going seriously Biggest Loser on dat ass and shouted at her to lift weights. ALL I KNOW IS IF A BRUTHA DID THAT TO ME DEM WEIGHTS WOULD BE ROUND HIS NECK. But yeh, it was sad, she clearly couldnt do it. What made it worse was that Sandra started laughing mid class, which made me laugh. Then the instructor kicked her out the class. Kinda wish he didnt, i was enjoying not being the shittest.

Class over, showed and got dressed. Me and Sandra meet outside the changing room, she tells me, "you know that fat lady in our class? well, she was just in the sauna. FULLY CLOTHED, shoes nd all!" - i'll let you process that information however you like. And then later saw her in the supermarket talking to  the chocolate section. Weird? or inspirational?
Long live Muma Rouge. We will be hearing more from her yet.

The reality isn't this fabulous 

Get Skinny xx mumarougeiswatching

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  1. poor lady :( how can you guys laugh at her? she clearly isn't proud of her body and doesn't need to be reminded of it... :8