Friday, 10 February 2012


Going to the gym is annoying, not because you have to work out, but because you always have to carry around a huge fucking towel. It makes your bag look huge like a Japanese schoolgirls.
So, i decided to fuck the towel and pay extra so i could get the towel hire service at the gym. Goodbye huge awkward bag.
Well, i was given the towel and then did my work out, got it out of my locker to take a shower, it was the size of a tea towel.. It doesn't fit around my body... I almost cried. ITS. SO. SMALL.
The worst part is that every other man in the changing room is wearing a gym towel with ease, as if its the biggest towel they own.
My new fitness goal its to fit into a Fitness First towel. I suppose everyone is just gonna have to see me naked until then.
HA, which reminds me. I was in the movies with Sandra watching a new film and at one point a girl who just moved in with a new family gets naked and jumps into a public lake for a swim. Someone from the family come out and screams at her, "GET OUT THE POOL, WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU! YOU CANT SWIM NAKED!", Obviously, Sandra being finnish saw no problem with swimming naked and has done it before. She just sat in her seat a said 'omg' with her head down as if the whole room was judging her. haaa.

Well hey, at least i dont share my locker room with Muma Rogue.
Get Skinny xx becausethefatstayfat

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