Thursday, 5 January 2012

Accessories for all?

I love to online shop. It helps me save the shame of going into a store where none of the clothes fit me. The one thing I love more than online shopping? ACCESSORIES.

Whilst shopping on ebay I found a great pair of red leather Dior bracers (the ones you put over your shoulders). The bid was at £4.99 and was ending the next day and at such an amazing price! I checked back the next day and the price had raised to £239.99 .     .   . HOW CAN THIS BE!?
Then it hit me. There are no size limits on accessories so even fat people can bid. Life isn't fair.

After that let down I continued searching ebay and finally found some shoes! Another accessory. Surely this would fit, right? wrong. The max size was UK 8 and im a UK 11. WHY IS GOD TESTING ME, am i not allowed to look nice just because i am fat? The universe is truly against me. Everything i knew about accessories is wrong.
Looks like im off the the shops...

Get Skinny.. xx fml.

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