Monday, 2 January 2012


This is, The Book. It is not to be questioned. Whenever in doubt, refer to The Book.
The Book shall not be questioned.
It is our guide to a perfect body.

Now Or Never by Joyce L. Vedral

The Books includes:
- A simple fitness program guaranteed to work if followed.
- A completely new body in one year's time.
- Self-confidence that carries over into career and personal areas.
- The ability to use your mind to control your body.
- Freedom forever from the fear of getting fat, soft, and flabby.
- Release from the dread of looking and feeling old.
- The physical strength to perform tasks you previously found impossible.
- Freedom forever from torturous diet.
- Freedom forever from the scale.
-The ability and desire to help other women you know get into top shape.

Do you like my leotard?

"You on the other hand, are far from peaking. 
In fact, you have probably neglected your body, 
so have plenty of room for improvement."
- a quote from, The Book.

"I have a friend who weighs 100 pounds and wears a size three dress, but she looks fat in a bikini. I am willing to bet that she is holding at least 35 percent of her weight as body fat on her petite frame. She will never get into shape unless she works out with weights to form muscle."
- a quote from Joyce, surely a woman so harsh will whip us into shape.

""Get up and get a few cookies and some milk from the refrigerator." Your mind says, "I really shouldn't." Your body then says, "Why not? You deserve it. You have nothing else in your life.""

The Book knows best. Always follow the book.

Get Skinny xx

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