Friday, 13 January 2012

Introducing the fat curse

Went to Sainsbury's to buy cottage cheese(diet day 5 I would surely deserve something nice now) and saw Adele on a front cover. SHE HAS A BOYFRIEND???? BUT SHE IS FAT!!???

LIKE WTF??????????????????????????????????? Why ain't she cursed??

And what is wrong with British parents? Jack bein the most common name and also the name of your most famosu serial killer....Ok this is so wrong that it's almost funny but Adele is becoming the name of more and more baby girls. NOOOO! This means Britain will stay as Euope's fattest country(Finland is a proud number two!) Give your babies a chance! Don't curse them with the fat curse! Don't hate your baby thou pregnancy made you even fatter! Also check your gym shoes. If they're by a brand named after something with high amount of calories, this might be the reason your still fat. It's the fat curse!

Pastry. FML. This was the second attempt to buy gym shoes. At first I bought two right feet by mistake. FAT CURSE(Known to friends as FC)

Today the Sainsbry's self check-out gave Flick a hard time scanning his vegetables. It's like they didn't want him to eat healthy! FC IS LURKING EVERYWHERE!!

Get skinny xx

(Ok so I made some research. Adele's boyfriend is fat too. Some justice in ths world!)

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  1. Add a K to the front and you've got yourself some KFC.