Monday, 23 January 2012

Ice skating

In order for your new healthy lifestyle to not get boring, it is important to have variety in your exercise. Today we shall introduce iceskating:

Im wearing horizontal stripes as I'm dyslexic and thought it was these ones that make you look skinnier. Alex is wearing spanx for him to look skinnier, but then, a coat that completely covers the spanx affected area, on top.

For fat peole it is recommended to use a ice rink, as there is a risk that you might brake the surface of a frozen lake and drown. Then you'll be gutted that you spended your last livig days on a diet, eating rabbit food.

We went iceskating to Somerset house. Warning! Risk for throwing up as iceskating is an activity very much favoured by couples. Or ain't that a good thing, as vomiting surely make you lose weight? What we really should warn about is Vampire Weekend and other skinny jeans bands, whose music is played at the rink. We all know that skinny jeans makes you look everyting else but skinny.

Get skinny x

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