Monday, 16 January 2012

Pasty parliament

So whilst flicking through my new magazine Men's Health. I stopped on a page about food.
The reason i stopped is because it had a picture of a 'snack' me and Sandra used to regularly pick up from West Cornwall Pasty Company. The PASTY.
I read the article regarding the picture... wanna no what it said?? 'The highest calorie meal you can eat from a fast food chain. Over 1000 calories in one pasty.'


So all this time? We have been eating 1000 calorie snacks!?!
ffs. why dont we like healthy things? because it all tastes like wood...

Lesson Learnt: Kelly Rowland dies in Freddy Vs Jason so cant i just literally steal her abs?
Just wondering...

Get Skinny xxx ... byeating1000caloriesnacks.

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