Thursday, 26 January 2012

Digital age of abuse

So yesterday i was on Facebook, as usual. (Its basically my second home, sadly.)
I saw others doing this quiz, so thought i would too. I DIDNT REALISE THE ANSWER COULD BE RUDE! So yeh, i did it and accidentally clicked submit twice, and got two shit results. As you can see to your left.
Really excited for the rest of the year........................

Its a bit like when Sandra asked me if i wanted to go with her speed dating,  I said no on the fact it was speed dating and involved the word speed.., and then she told me the details....
Basically. its a speed HATE type night but instand of talking normally to the person you are sitting infront, you instead tell them all the things wrong with them.
Yeh, ill defiantly pass.
- for those nut cases in London who LIKED the sound of that... there you go... Info is up there.

Lesson Learnt: Don't rely on a computer for sympathy. It wont tell you you're pretty.

Get Skinny xxx

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