Wednesday, 25 January 2012

dat a$$

So i have descided i wanna be curvy. A bit like a male Kardashian. But not like fat curvy, sculpted curvy.
Unlike Kim, 'I love food.' May as well be saying, 'I love satan.' Which is not ok.
i feel like NO men have this!? Just a small waist and then bigger thighs? Am i wrong in thinking that would be AMAZING?
I cant find any pictures online so ill show you with my magical drawing and cropping skills.

Get Skinny xx


  1. My boyfriend has a nice big ass, I would guess it's close to what you want to have. He does a lot off strenght training. You should also start strenght training, your body burns more calories when you have more muscles and it shapes your body simultaneously. If you want a great butt, you should train deadlifts, squats and other butt moves :).

  2. Deffo gonna start attacking the weights i think. Life is hard when people judge you by the size of your ass.