Friday, 13 January 2012

help yourself.

One thing me and Sandra made very clear was that in 2012 we wer going to be hitting the gym 4 - 5 times  week. Easier said than done, for me especially.

We decided we were going to do a Zumba class the other day at our gym in east London. I had all day off, only was going to go to the gym, the class started at 6.15pm. Left my house at 5.30 (stupidly) in hopes to get there on time. Long story short, i didn't.
Once i got to the train station Sandra had already left me. At least one of us were losing weight.
I didn't know the way to the gym from the station i was at so ended up getting lost. Lost and fat, how vulnerable can one person be!?
All these mishaps were grinding on my patience so i just called my friend Rosie and went to drink vodka and fruit juice at her house. Sandra joined me later to judge. Will i ever be skinny? :(

Get Skinny .. xxx :'(

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