Monday, 23 January 2012

Don't judge us!!

We had pizza yesterday ok. Because. Today is New Year (Ok, Chinese but whatever..), and new years resolutions don't count before new year!!

Some progress could be seen though. We had diet pepsi, checked the calories of what we ate (270 kcal per slice, kinda wish we didn't check now..) and shared ONE pizza intead of having one each! That alone is revolting, but also. We had these secret envelopes we got from previous Pizza hut visits, tellin you to come back to have the manager to open it for it to be valid (catch bein you have to eat in order to for him to do it). And every time you do this you get a new envelope. Bad, bad circle, especially if you're fat.

This time we had two envelopes. The manager said only one of them will be valid per visit. Dun dun dunnnn. He open them both and kindly lets us choose which one we want. The first one is 20% off your bill. The other one is free garlic bread. Guess which we chose! The discount! We said no to free food for like the first time ever!!!

PLUS! We didn't get a new envelope! God is good!

Get skinny xx

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