Sunday, 1 January 2012

Die is for Diet

THE COUNTDOWN IS OVER! And so is mine and Sandras unlimited supply of Mcdonalds. We said to ourselves that 2012 was gonna be a skinny year! So our diet has BEGUN and along with it, this blog.

I'm Alex, 19, better known as Flick.
I'm pretty obese at the moment, isn't christmas a bitch? Its ruined me. Its made me the proud owner of a table ass that cant resist but to shake it out to any vibration. I wont rest until im as skinny as Giselle and i'll get there with Beyonce and Kelly Rowland by my side (Michelle who?), they'll make me a greek adonis by summer.

We'll get to know each other better as the months go on, but until then... get skinny.
(sandra told me i cant say stay skinny cause im fat but i wanted to cause gregory gorgeous says stay gorgeous :( . So i have to say get skinny instead.)

Flick xxx

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