Sunday, 15 January 2012

Lie In Days

We went to the gym on friday evening. And then Sandra was like, So your coming on Sunday morning too right? Of course i said yes, when Sandra says these things they are more demands than questions.

By the fact it is now Sunday morning im sure you can see that one of us is at the gym and another isn't....
Sandra like everything else has taken this diet and exercise in her STRIDE. Im struggling and its only day 7.
I woke up this morning at text sandra, "Cant take it, sleeping in."
She replies, "Your 'lie in' days are the reason your body looks like that. Feel your stomach vibrating when you laugh? So not sexy."
All of which is true. I promised that i would go to the gym 5 times next week to make up for it. We will see if that happens... seriously failing so far.

but for now,
Get Skinny xxx

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