Sunday, 29 January 2012

Teachers are life insured?

There's nothing more annoying, than when doing a gym class the teacher asks you to SING THE LYRICS OF THE TRACK! LIKE WTF YOU SERIOUS??? Your face is red, your shorts are so sweaty it looks like your bladder exploded, YOU CAN BARELY BREATHE AND SHE DARES TO ASK YOU TO SING???? Not everyone is born Beyonce ok??

The teacher shouldn't do this. Like for her own safety. The majority of the class are female, their punches won't do much harm. But there's always one of these big guys, who think they are kentaurs because they lift their knees higher than you or they reach the ceiling when jumping. It's like they're not realizng that they're actually doin a women's class. Until Rihanna's 'Only girl in the world' starts playing. And the teacher asks to sing along.

This is the part where I get nervous. Especially, because this guy doin Sunday morning Body Attack classes with me looks like Breivik the Norwegian island killer.

Get skinny or die xx

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