Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Why sandra is my only friend.

The beginning of January is quite a challenging time for most. All that weight gained is rather hard to deal with, naturally you will have self-confidence issues. I hadn't left my house since New Years Day before yestorday so as you can imagine it was quite stressful.

As i left my house the sun was glaring down. I let off a 'hisssss' as it hit my almost transparent skin, eyes squinting. I was on my way to Uni. Once i arrived the first thing my friend said to me was, ' Flick, I can see you've over eaten over Christmas...' Infront of everyone. My head said, 'BITCH!' but my mouth said, 'Yes, I am aware i now have the body of a Moomin.' She laughed. My head again said, 'bitch'.

So today when I woke up i wanted to feel skinny again! It wasn't fair. So what do i do? Wear my gym kit to work so people think im sporty. It did nothing but make me feel more obese.

Lesson learnt? The only insecurity Beyonce has is her ears, so were all fucked...

Get Skinny.. xxx

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