Friday, 13 January 2012


So today I went to the gym for the first time since New Year... 13 days into my 'new lifestyle' better now than never?

Now I want to make a point from the English point of view, well, a English fat boy in late-teens point of view. Because i know in Finland nudity isn't really an issue so i need you to be understanding for me.
Showering after the gym is always a issue with me, its the most awkward thing. ever.
Getting my pale naked body out infront of all these buff mid-twenties men. Its like the minute you reveal flesh all eyes are on you. When you see pictures online (you know, the ones you really shouldn't be looking at.) You expect it to be some amazing man fest, but its really not....

The photos you really shouldn't be looking at... THAT ARE A FUCKING LIE!!

Today when i took my shower i wore my t-shirt into the shower and wore it out again. I think i got more eyes looking at me WITH my shirt on than without... at least they didn't see my stretch marks...  hell... fuck them.. At least BEYONCE didn't see my stretch marks. Although she has just had a baby so A SISTA CAN RELATE. Its a bit like being the new prostitute on the block. You think everyone is staring at you and judging, but really they're not, cos your all slags at the end of the day. its just in your head.

Sandra also asked me if i would be joining her in the sauna. AS MUCH AS I WANT TO, i had to say no. Am not getting naked in public being obese. no one needs to see that... fml. One day ill be able to sauna and have nice skin too, summer time?

Get Skinny.. bygoingtothegymevery13days. xxx

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