Sunday, 15 January 2012

My sauna experience

The first time I discovered a sauna in a british gym, I was super happy. A Finn ain't nothing without her sauna. You know Finland used to have sauna championships, but they are now banned as the 'winner' actually boiled himself to death. When I said 'used' to, I mean 2010, and not the time of the Vikings.

On the door, there was two A3 sized sheets on how to use the sauna. I laughed a bit and had quick read thru. Laughed again as it claimed to sit in the sauna for more than 15 minutes could be dangerous, banned it from pregnant people and most ridiculously, said: 'Do not drink alcohol in the sauna'. PLEASE. TELL THAT TO THE FINNISH PEOPLE WHO ACTUALLY INVENTED THE SAUNA!

Went to the sauna. It was ok! Came out. There was a woman handing me a bag to put my swimwear in. Oh fuck. Why didn't anyone tell the immigrant that you don't go naked to the sauna? Even the A3:s took it so guaranteed that no one would go to a sauna naked that it forgot to mention it! Don't deport me Britain, ok???

Get skinny xx

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