Sunday, 8 January 2012

God hates fat people

So. Needless to say mine and Flick's diet failed. On like day three. My biggest obstacle came to be visiting grandma. Everyone knows how much food old people want you to consume. It's like they hate you for being young, and because they can't take your youth, they want to make you fat. And they always succeed, don't they?

New week is coming, this means new attempt to diet. Or that's what I thought, but it came out that God hates fat people. My flight was delayed, so I missed my connection flight from Helsinki. I was gven a free hotel night. This means all you can eat hotel breakfast next morning. Which happens to be a Monday. The day when dieting starts. Yeh well good luck with that..

I checked into my hotel room. It's a two person honeymoon suite. Thanks alot for reminding me that I'm both fat AND single! Fat people do get laid thou I've heard, so I took a shower, put on my nicest, looked nice, smelled nice, left the room that screamed to drag a stranger with me from the downstairs bar. I went to the bar. No one there. I sat down and the only one touching my leg was my stomach. Forever alone.

Get skinny 666

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