Sunday, 29 January 2012

(S)ome (P)athetic (A)sshole (N)ear (X)tinction - so he may as well try and look skinny

Ive had one of those weeks. By that i mean. I havent been to the gym once.
Ive been ill! wanna know why? PIZZA HUT!

Ever since me and sandra had pizza hut last sunday i've been ill! its so not cool.
The universe is punishing me for eating pizza.

Well... Since i cant do exercise this week i had to invest in some body altering under garments. aka. SPANX.

Yes yes, i know they are made for girls but WHAT CAN A BRUTHA DO??
I forced sandra to buy them for me at the till and the cashier continuously asked if she wanted to try them on as there were no refunds. They were clearly too big for her so i think the cashier was just being nice. It was still fucking awkward as sandra kept looking at me every time the cashier asked a question.

Well anyway, they were pretty expensive and pretty shit for that price. I wore them cycling and then again ice skating. The joke is i wore them with a coat over the top, so kinda made no sense?
Well anyway, ill show you some pictures to express my feelings...

How i felt

How i probably looked (THIS IS NOT ME) omg

When you wear them they will automatically give you bigger looking boobs. Great news for a girl. not so much for a boy. They also will give you love handles in every direction. But hey, you know what they say. Men love something to hang on to.
ANYWAY, when i got home and took them off i had laddered them... JOY TO THE WORLD, i guess even Spanx have a weight limit. Next time im getting them from Primark.

Get Skinny xx

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